Our design system helps us work together to build a great experience for all Proxyclick audiences.

Hello symbolize the first interaction of any people in any place around the world.

Hello artwork


Our design principles


Each piece we add is part of a greater whole that will stay consistent and manageable over time. For every contribution, we ask ourselves how it will scale and last. We avoid fashionable trends and non-standard solutions.

Pleasant and guiding

People use our product every day, our work is pleasant to look at and a delight to interact with. Our design makes the product self-explanatory and frictionless.

Simple, not simpler

We challenge complexity to make it feel simple. We keep the essentials and remove everything else. Our experiences are seamless and our products perform well.


We explore every time and we are critical. We prototype and test early and we are not afraid to throw away what is not bringing enough value. We avoid being too emotional with what we create.

What's new ✨ 1.20.0

Hello is a living design system that scales as our team and product grow.

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Figma UI Kit

Our design system is available on Figma. Contact us to get access.

Using Hello in your project

Find out how to install and use Hello in your project.

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